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By | March 29, 2019

Good Reasons to Protect Your Electronics from EMP

We shall start this article be defining EMP. Where there is a nuclear explosion it releases electromagnetic radiation which is damaging to our electronic devices; this electromagnetic radiation or pulse is what we call EMP.

There is a high risk of EMP today. When this happens, EMP would spread all over with a wide radius, destroying our electronic gadgets and recovery will be very difficult. However, protecting our electronics from EMP could give us great advantage when it comes to survival.

If you don’t protect your electronic devices, EMP can induce strong, damaging electrical currents in your electronic devices and wires. Today we store our important information in our electronic devices and so it is just necessary to keep them protected. All our electronic device including smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets, flash drives, digital cameras, etc. are vulnerable to damage from a strong EMP. Since vehicle and appliances also depend on electronics, then strong EMP can affect these.

What then are the good reasons to protect our electronics.

Survival information can be saved in our electronic devices. This information can include medical and first aid information and stored in your laptop, smartphones, and ebook readers. You can also download books about food preservation, off-grid living, and herbal remedies.

Protecting your electronic devices give you the advantage of continuing your children’s education while things are slowly getting back to normal after an EMP attack. You will certainly be required to homeschool your children. You can download books related to nature, science, history, government, etc. Some sites provide free homeschool curriculum where they suggest books which you can download for free as ebooks.

Nuclear attacks will definitely change the lifestyle of survivors but you can still provide yourselves with entertainment if you save your electronics from these. In these difficult times you will also need to entertain yourselves. It can help relieve stress if you are able to continue watching movies, TV shows, music, and audiobooks. Entertining yourself once in a while will provide an important distraction.

You can keep reminders of the past like family photos, videos, local history, US history in your protected electronic devices. When you protect your electronics, you will have something to preserve and continue civilization and heritage.

Communication is very important post-EMP and so preserving your communication devices like ham radio or walkie talkie is very important. Communication is very important to survival and if you have these devices then you can do great service to people around you.

If you purchase Faraday containers or bags, then you can protect your electronic devices with these. You will be prepared for the worst with these.

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